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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Did you see the size of this thing?

Yesterday I told you about the FCG Group Training Playbook.

In case you missed it, I had to share the table of contents with you today.  It’s incredible!

  1. Steve Long- Smart Group Training Straight Sets Program Design
  2. Pamela MacElree- Strength and Conditioning Program for Women
  3. Jeff Blair- Live Younger!
  4. Heath Herrera- Medicine Ball Metabolic Acceleration
  5. Jeremy Belter- 7 Minute Advanced Workouts
  6. Jim Hart- Fat Loss Training for Men Over Fifty
  7. John Lark- Advanced Group Training
  8. Johnny Fukumoto- Group Program Supersets
  9. Justin Yule- Bodybuilding Bootcamp
  10. Kane Sivesind- Back to Basics
  11. Kim Chase- 4 Week Program Design
  12. Kristyn Mastroianni- Cardio Core for Awesome Abs and Strong Endurance
  13. Jared Woolever- Primal Conditioning
  14. Leks Stanic and Dewayne Holifield- Interval Training
  15. Levi Memmer- Total Body Burn
  16. Aaron Callaghan- Fitness Revolution Mature Athletes Program
  17. Art McDermott- Modified Strongman Training
  18. Ben Warstler- The Ben’s Bootcamp Training Experience
  19. Charlie Levine- Bootcamp Workouts
  20. Chris Amaro- The Corrective Endurance Phase
  21. Dave Randolph- Kettlebell 4 Week Fat Blaster
  22. David Tatulli- Hurricane Workouts
  23.  Marc Rosamilia- 3-2-1 Strength Core Conditiong
  24. Marcio Silva- Favela Fit
  25. Maria and Aaron Walden- The Walden Workout
  26. Mark Lopez- Ultimate Fat Loss Progressions
  27. Marshall Ray- Faster Results
  28. Maureen Corristan- FR Complexes
  29. Mike Salvietti- Metabolic Fat Loss Circuits for General Population
  30. Michaels Watkins- Spartan Challenge Workout
  31. Mike Jett- FR Pure Fitness Bootcamp
  32. Jason Yun- Kettlebell Khaos Metabolic Meltdown
  33. Nathan Jordan- Hammer Down Program
  34. Peter Rincan- The Forge Steel Confidence Program
  35. Phil Hueston- Cage Strength and Conditioning
  36. Robert McMullin- 6 Week Sprint Training Program
  37. Ryan Patrick- General Fitness Bootcamp
  38. Shelton Matsey- Metabolic Madness
  39. Steve Payne- Firestorm Fitcamps
  40. Todd Lowder and Mike Slack- What you can’t see counts! Posterior Chain/T-Spine Conditioning
  41. Tony Rodriguez Larkin- Complete Core Training Program
  42. Trevor Wittwer- Unilateral Workout

Seriously, this thing is BIG!

At about a buck a program you just can’t beat it.  Get it on sale right now, right here.

Wishing you health and success,

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