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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

6 Months of Done-for-You Program Design

Have you checked out Bootcamp in a Box yet?

Bootcamp in a Box is literally a 6-month done-for-you program designed by Mike Robertson, Jim Laird & Molly Galbraith.  They lay it all out for you in a 200+ page manual and accompanying DVD – metabolic exercises, corrective exercises, progressions & regressions, cueing instructions, the works…

Seriously, the bootcamp owner who puts this program to work WILL become the go-to place in his/her town!

And, because they’re so adamant about being part of an industry-wide change, they’re practically giving it away this week…

Get all the details HERE

If you know anything about Mike, Jim or Molly, you know they’re some of the very best personal trainers in the country.  They’ve taken their personal training approach and applied it to bootcamp style training to come up with this incredible system that they’ve packaged for you – Bootcamp in a Box

I know I’m excited about it!

Wishing you health and success,

P.S. – Mike, Jim and Molly put Bootcamp in a Box ON SALE this week.  SAVE BIG HERE