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Friday, April 18, 2014

Last Chance

This price on the IYCA’s new Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification goes up $100 at Midnight.

This new Certification allows you to take the quality of what you offer to the young people you coach to an entirely new level. 

You’ll be able to identify and address each athlete’s specific needs, accurately track their progress and better prepare them to maximize their potential.

The IYCA Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification has been in development for almost 2 full years and is now available to you at $100 off the regular price.

But this Exclusive launch sale comes to a close TODAY.

VERY IMPORTANT - Today is your LAST opportunity to secure your own YAAS Certification at this price, so don’t miss out.

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Is this Certification for everyone?

In short, NO, it's not. This Certification is not for coaches who just deliver workouts and are as concerned with getting their athletes to ‘work up a good sweat’ as they are in making them better.

But if you're the type of coach you is tirelessly trying to gain an edge, studying to get better at your craft and 100% committed to being the best coach you can be for the athletes you serve, THIS is a Certification that you want.

And best yet, it's not just some textbook theory…it’s incredibly practical material and ready for you to put into action.

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And one more very important thing: as with all IYCA Certifications, the YAAS comes with a 100% Risk-FREE Money Back Guarantee, so there is ZERO Risk to you.

Review the material.  If it’s not truly valuable to you and your athletes, just let the IYCA Team know and you’ll be fully refunded immediately.

Get it now while it’s still $100 off. In a matter of hours, you’ll have missed the opportunity.
 IYCA Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification LINK

I’m very confident that you will not be disappointed. The IYCA Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification will make you a better coach.  Get your YAAS credential now:

IYCA Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification LINK

Wishing you health and success,