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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Too busy for your business?

In recent months I have undergone some career changes. Don't get me wrong, things are good - just busy! I was once told being busy wasn't necessarily a bad thing as long as there was balance. I have definitely been busy but not very balanced recently.  My passions of educating colleagues and training athletes have taken a "back seat" recently. I need to apologize for that.

So I have dedicated my morning to "catch up".

Here we go...

I have found TWO program design systems you may want to look at.


The Ultimate Program Builder was created by corrective exercise guru Mike Robertson and metabolic training machine Tyler English as they have put together a truly unique done-for-you program design tool.

Ultimate Program Builder literally gives trainers the ability to design personal training and boot camp workouts in minutes.  I tested this thing out and was able to build a progressive 12-week Strength-Size program in under 5 minutes!

The software includes a programmable functional Warm-up, a Strength-Size template, a Fat Loss template, and a Metabolic Conditioning template.

Plus, you can print out a workout card with space to add weights used and notes.  You can even add your own logo to the printout. :-)

Yeah, it’s pretty much a tool that every trainer should have in his or her toolbox… In fact, it was a major seller when it first came out a few months ago.


P.S. – Mike Robertson and Tyler English are at the top of their games.  Having these two collaborate on a program design tool literally gives you the best of both worlds for your programming needs.


If you'd like to discover step-by-step, how to develop effective training programs that ensure all young athletes achieve their full athletic potential…then the IYCA Program Design System is for you.

The IYCA Program Design give you the tools you need to ensure that all your hard work yields the results you want in developing your athletes.

So if you’re ready to apply the IYCA Program Design System, here IS what you can expect to learn and be ready to apply:

  • How to utilize periodization for sustained strength and speed gains.
  • The most effective (and only) strength training exercises required.
  • Each component the ideal training session and how to sequence them for optimal results.
  • The predominant factors in building stronger, more explosive athletes and THE blueprint for teaching them.
  • The secrets to maximizing the ability of ALL your athletes.
  • A blueprint for becoming a Better Coach & getting Better Results.
  •  Proven templates for creating programs for ordinary to elite high school athletes.
  • A library of EVERY exercise you need for effective program design.
  • The step-by-step system that will allow you to finally maximize the performance of each and every athlete you coach.
  • And much, much more.

Get the IYCA Program Design System here now:


P.S. - You can reenergize your training and write effective programs whether you’re a first year coach or a seasoned veteran.  Just follow the simple, flexible and proven program design concepts presented in The IYCA ProgramDesign System.