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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Metabolic Certification

Have you ever wondered, “Does the certification I have really matter to my clients or is it just a piece of paper on display?”

Fat loss is easily the biggest reason that people hire a personal trainer or attend a bootcamp, yet if you were certified with all four of the top mainstream certifying bodies in the personal training industry and had read all their textbooks cover to cover, you'd have consumed 2919 pages of personal training certification information. 

Within all these 2919 pages you would have found just a total of 57 pages (mainly nutrition) that addressed fat loss. 

Only 1.9%!

Think about that...the educational bodies responsible with preparing you to enjoy a successful career as a fitness professional have essentially ignored the very clients you serve most wanted goal. 

That's why BJ Gaddour created this revolutionary Certification, specifically designed to arm you with the knowledge to be your area's Metabolic Training Expert. 

BJ is widely regarded as one of the top experts on Metabolic Training in the industry and has probably had more impact on the fat loss training programs delivered in the best fitness bootcamps in the world than any other person. (BJ also created the T30 Training Program for ProGrade Nutrition.)

BJ is the 'secret weapon' for many of the industry's top coaches and even Men's Health magazine when it comes to Metabolic Training, and now he's sharing all of his expertise with you in this revolutionary Metabolic Training Certification. 

Become a Metabolic Training Expert and SAVE BIG.

Remember - your opportunity to get started for JUST THE COST OF SHIPPING on this one of a kind Certification ends at TONIGHT at 11:59 PM CST. 

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Wishing you health and success,

P.S. - Hopefully you realize that by taking action now you are jumping ahead of about 98% of the industry who only have the fat loss education their mainstream certification provides. 

Don't miss this chance. 


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