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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Complete Athletic Development 2.0

I've had a lot of questions about Complete Athlete Development 2.0 since it went live.

If you missed it, you can see it here:

To address some of the most common questions I've put together the answers below...

Do I have to be IYCA Certified to invest in CAD 2.0?

Answer: No, we've developed Complete Athlete Development 2.0 to give you a 

comprehensive blueprint for developing young athletes.

While we feel strongly about the benefit in you becoming IYCA certified, we realize that 

some trainers and coaches simple want a proven recipe for improving their athletes and 
may not necessarily be focused on the science behind the programming.

That's what CAD 2.0 is. 100% practical, proven knowledge and programming to

 immediately plug in with your athletes to help them reach their potential.

What if I'm new to coaching young athletes? Is Complete Athlete Development 

right for me?

Answer: Actually, if you're new to coaching young athletes, CAD 2.0 is likely the best 

resource in the entire industry as it completely eliminates the trial and error and gives 
you exactly what has worked for 11 of the top coaches in the world for the athletes they 

CAD 2.0 will allow you to deliver world class programming to your athletes no matter how

 long you've been coaching.

(Please don't mistake what I'm saying for you not needing to educate yourself on how to 

develop your own world class programming, CAD 2.0 will just allow you to borrow from the 
best until you've put in the time to hone your craft.)

Can I go through Complete Athlete Development 2.0 at my own pace?

Answer: Absolutely. You get access to the massive Complete Athlete Development 

System entire so you can go through the material at whatever pace you feel most 
comfortable. No rush, no pressure, no exam to take.

Use what you need now (there are over 100 ready to use training programs included) and 

move through the rest at your own pace.

I already have some other coaching products. Is Complete Athlete Development 


Answer: We've seen about every product on the market and have created a number of 

them myself - and yes it's different.

Complete Athlete Development 2.0 takes you behind the scenes with 11 of the top 

Coaches in the World and gives you a step by step blueprint for developing young athletes 
that you just don't get from any other coaching products.

While many of the concepts that are shared in CAD 2.0 are things that have been taught 

before in the contributors own products, nothing like this has ever been compiled in one comprehensive resource designed specifically and systematically to develop young 

Dedicated to Your Success,

Pat Rigsby