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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fitness Business Plan and Forms

After years of being asked if we can provide business plans or forms & tools to fitness pros, we've finally released Fitness Business Plan & Forms...and if you order before
Sunday at Midnight EST you can save over half off the
regular price:

Get Instant Access to a Proven Business Plan Template And Virtually Every Form & Tool You'll Ever Need. You'll receive a Comprehensive Business Plan Template, plus:

Business Start-Up Forms
  • 12 Month Sales Forecast and Cash Flow Chart
  • Break Even Analysis
  • Membership Pricing Calculator
  • Pro Forma Template
Consult and Assessment Forms
  • Assessment Check List
  • Initial Assessment Protocol and Scoring Sheet
  • Body Composition Measurements
  • Client Health Profile
Employee Manual and Guide
  • Employee Operations Manual
  • Employee Expectations Agreement
  • Employee Recruitment Forms

Forms for Front Desk
  • Referral Program Forms
  • Front Desk Forms
  • Managers Report

New Client Bonuses
  • Client Bonus # 1 Fat Loss Success System
  • Client Bonus #2 Interval Spreadsheet
  • Client Bonus # 3 Training Journal

Program Design Templates
  • Exercise Selection Chart
  • Client Injury and Modification Form
  • Workout Templates

Prospect Info and Membership Forms
  • Membership Agreement and Agreement of Culture and Policy
  • Adult Training Forms
  • Bootcamp Training Forms
  • Athlete Training Forms
And Much, Much More!

Get Fitness Business Plan & Forms here for just $47 if you
order before Midnight EST on Sunday:

Dedicated to Your Success,

Fitness Business Plan & Forms
Save $50 on Fitness Business Plan and Forms if you order by midnight on September 16, 2012