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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

FOUNDERFly…The Original Business Renegades

See why FounderFly (the world’s FIRST and ONLY all-access network pass for entrepreneurs) is breaking all the rules and generating massive buzz.

Our “Fly-ers” don’t play by the rules… and we certainly don’t follow “conventional” boring business advice. Nope, not at FounderFly! We focus on the Internet and digital media to build powerful lifestyle businesses. Here’s how we roll…

Fly Benefit #1: Everything At Your Fingertips: Instant access to over 30+ step-by-step training products showing you how to do everything from build your site to drive free traffic. 100% proven and practical training that has previously sold for thousands of dollars. It’s all real stuff with zero FLUFF.

Fly Benefit #2: Stay Fresh: Keep your pulse on what’s working now. Every week – new short, fluff-free, straightforward and FounderFly exclusive training videos will be added to the member’s area.

Fly Benefit #3: Keep Moving Forward: Did I mention the weekly updated training videos are short? And less than 10 minutes each? We cut out all the fluff! Our Fly-ers are too busy building businesses and living their lives than to sit around watching videos all day. Get your content and get out there so you can put it into action.

Fly Benefit #4: Keep It Real: Our weekly Fly videos not only feature world-class business/marketing experts – but there will be a strong focus on getting step-by-step instruction from people who started from zero and built powerful businesses. No hidden agenda, just abundance-minded fellow Fly-ers who want to share their success strategies with you.

Fly Benefit #5: Local Meetups: Our members are forming LOCAL FounderFly groups. Places to connect in person. Meetups. Power lunches. Starbucks masterminds. Forget paying $15,000 or more for expensive “guru” masterminds… it’s all included for FounderFly members.

Fly Benefit #6: Stay Connected: Meet fellow passionate entrepreneurs 24/7. Our online groups are rocking and just one connection can truly change your life. You’re going to love the community.

Fly Benefit #7: Need a Hand?: Got a question? Just login and ask. Your fellow FounderFly-ers and the staff are here to help. Traffic? Tech? Site feedback? You name it – we got your back. Always.

Fly Benefit #8: We Are Givers: Because we are honest with our message, we only attract entrepreneurs who care. People who want to build businesses that matter. People who give first. There are enough negative people and forces working against us – this is the place for support and positive energy.

Fly Benefit #9: You Are a Rock Star: At FounderFly.. EVERYONE is treated like the rock star you are. No levels of membership. No upsells. No “premium” groups. No restricted access. And no egos. One all-access pass gives you unrestricted access. Period.

Fly Benefit #10: Keepin’ It Simple: Want to know the best part? Everything is so simple. Forget endless clicking..everything is there in one simple dashboard. Ahh… so refreshing.

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